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Is it possible to pay the debts of farmers for 10 years ?


The demands of members of the offices and councils of agricultural associations in the province of Al-Hasakah and the presence of Comrade Mohamed Al-Khalif, member of the General Federation of Farmers, head of the Office of Agricultural Affairs, focused on the need to solve the debt problem of the farmers and producers through the installment of debts for ten years and exempt the peasants from the benefits and fines and work to create a center for the purchase of cotton Al-Qamishly for the current summer season, and called on the meeting to find a solution for unemployment loans in both animal and vegetable and exempt the peasants from the idle of the rainfed lands, at the time stressed Thiab Karim, in the national elections in the local administration elections, whether the provincial council or city councils, countries and municipalities through the broad participation, which will include all villages, districts and areas of the province. In turn, the member of the General Union of Farmers called for doubling the effort through hard work and dedication in the cultivation of fields in order to support our national economy.

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