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Damascus countryside: The competent authorities control large quantities of weapons



During the combing of the towns of Babila ,Welda and Beit Samh in the countryside of Damascus, the competent authorities found weapons and ammunition belonging to the armed factions.

Local sources confirmed that an engineering unit belonging to the competent authorities found a quantity of miscellaneous munitions, mortars and weapons during the combing of the towns of Babila Welda and Beit Sahm, which were liberated from the armed opposition factions, .

Field sources reported that the weapons included grenades, external and home-made ammunition, various mortar rounds and rocket launchers (RPGs) with shells.

The source said that a number of mines and improvised explosive devices were also found to be used for the bombing of the foundations of houses and roads, in addition to warehouses for machine guns, chemicals used in the manufacture of IEDs and a number of communications devices.

The units of the Syrian army in cooperation with the competent authorities continue to comb the villages and towns to secure them in full in order to complete the process of the return of the people in full to their homes in parallel with the restoration of state institutions after their liberation of the armed factions.


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