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Clashes between the Syrian army and  “Da’ash” in the desert of Sweida



The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that clashes took place after midnight on Tuesday in the eastern and northeastern parts of Sweida, between the Syrian army and fighters from the allied forces on one hand ,and   Da’ash  on the other hand.

The Observatory added that the clashes focused on the axis of Al-Gheida and other areas in the region. The clashes were also accompanied by shelling and mutual targeting, amid information about more casualties.  Since Monday, the Syrian army has continued its operations against the sites of “Da’ash” in the desert of Sweida.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian forces and the allied forces have made progress  in the countryside of  eastern Sweida, in order to fortify them in anticipation of any possible attack by  “Da’ash”  in the region.

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