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“Astana 10 talks” in the Russian city of Sochi



The participants in  “Astana 10” talks in the Russian city of Sochi on Tuesday issued a draft of the final statement about the Syrian crisis.
“The participants in the meeting stress that all efforts should be exerted to help the Syrians in restoring their normal lives and starting talks for the return of displaced persons and refugees,” the draft of the final statement said.

The draft also affirmed the agreement of the Guarantor States” (Russia, Turkey and Iran’) to complete confidence-building efforts between the parties of the Syrian conflict, including the issue of the detainees, and stressed their stand against “separatist agendas aimed at undermining the sovereignty of Syria and neighboring countries.”

The document confirmed the agreement of the parties to hold a meeting in November, without specifying its location. The three countries that are guarantors of the “Astana track” about the Syrian settlement called on the countries of the world to increase their assistance for Syria.

On Monday, in the southern Russian resort of Sochi, the 10th round of talks began with the “Astana formula” about Syria. The UN Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said that “this meeting with the guarantors was helpful”.

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