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Two Syrian children drown in a water canal in Turkey


Two Syrian children drowned in a water canal, 40 cm high, in Adana province, southern Turkey.

According to civil sources, the incident occurred on Thursday evening, in the province of Sehan on the same day and after the two families went to work on a nearby farm, leaving their children at home in a tent where they live.

The two children, two years old,  entered without a knowledge in a cement canal to transfer water, where the height of the water level was 40 cm, which led to their sinking. Despite the attempts of residents who are near the canal to remove them, the two children died there before they reached the hospital, and were buried in the cemetery of the neighborhood of Hadrali, amid a state of grief and shock.

It is noteworthy that the children “Musa Abed” and “Tayseer al-Khalid” has resorted to Turkey with their families since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

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