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More than 113,000 students apply for the complementary  course of the secondary school exams in Syria


More than 113 thousand students went to the Syrian governorates to submit the exams for the second cycle of the secondary school certificate in the scientific, literary,  legal, professional, industrial, commercial and feminist sections.

The  director of examinations   , Yunus Fati, said that the ministry had taken all measures to ensure the progress of the examination in 682 centers, pointing out that the number of students registered for the second course reached 113109 students, distributed as follows in literary branch 32392, scientific 70879, legal secondary 927, professional business 2624, women’s 817 and industrial 5470 students .

The Syrian Ministry of Education issued on 28 th of last month the results of exams for more than 224 thousand students who have submitted to the first session of the general secondary education certificate examinations in various branches of scientific, literary, legal, industrial, commercial and feminist sections.

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