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Clashes between displaced of Al-Ghouta and the factions on the acquisition of houses in Afrin


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that skirmishes took place in the town of Afrin between displaced persons from the eastern city of Ghouta and members of the military police, in response to the later’s request in the city of Afrin of displaced residents of the eastern Ghouta who had been resettled earlier.

The Syrian Observatory confirmed that the families who were asked to leave and leave the houses rejected these orders from the military police, which led to verbal harassment that developed into fighting and mutual fire between members of the military police and members of these families belonging to the faction of Al-Rahman, that was displaced from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.

It is noteworthy that the tension prevails in the city of Afrin recently between Islamic movements on  one hand, and displaced from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, on the other hand, on the eligibility to acquire homes in Afrin.

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