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Russia : Evacuation of 1,000 armed men from Daraa soon”


The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced that the Russian military police are currently considering ways to evacuate 1,000 armed men with their relatives from the area of ​​stopping the escalation declared in the south of Syria.

As a result of the success of the negotiations sponsored by the Russian side between Damascus and the armed opposition factions, the number of towns affiliated to the truce in southern Syria has increased to 90, adding that 75 of them have joined reconciliation in Daraa governorate and 15 others in Sweida governorate.

It is noteworthy that the armed factions east of Daraa, agreed with the Syrian government sponsored by Russia on Friday  about a truce involving delivery of the heavy and medium weapons ,  the exit of the wanted insurgents to Idlib, resolve the situation of those who choose to stay and the return of displaced persons to their areas.

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