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Lebanese youths burn a camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon


Lebanese youths belonging to the Za’tar family in the town of Al-Muhammara in the Akkar Valley in the north of  Lebanon on Sunday attacked a Syrian refugee camp on the outskirts of the town and burned all tents and refugee properties.

According to a Lebanese media agency, a dispute broke out between young men from the Za’tar family and Syrian youths who were refugees, whereas dozens of family members attacked the camp carrying various weapons and beating those who were on their way before the camp was burned.

The camp was established in 2013 with the waves of displaced people from the countryside of Homs across the border with Lebanon. The Syrians live in tragic conditions which are the  worst compared to the conditions of the refugees in the rest of the countries. On July 6, 2016, the Syrian refugee camps are exposed to similar actions.

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