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Assad: Syria’s reconstruction and work for refugees’ return are top priorities of the government


After eight years of the Syrian war, which destroyed the infrastructure .All  Syrian areas are affected and their  all energies are exhausted.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announces that the reconstruction of Syria is the top priority of the government in the country.
He also stressed that the Syrian army continues to fight terrorism until the liberation of all the territory of Syria, whatever the occupying entity, and amend the laws and legislation in proportion to the next stage.

He pointed to the need to “fight corruption and promote dialogue between the Syrians and work for the return of refugees who left Syria to escape from terrorism, and revitalize the political path, which is impeded by some Western countries, led by the United States.”

He stressed that “the agreement at the national level is the basis in the adoption of any agreement or a basic matter,” explaining that this agreement comes only through dialogue at all levels.

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