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Wheat production declined due to precipitation


The head of the General Organization for Grain Trade and Manufacturing Youssef Qassem said that the quantities of wheat crop in Hasakah are low this year because of the rainfall in February and March, where most of the areas cultivated with wheat in Al-Hasakah are rainfed areas dependent on rainwater.
Qassim said that during the last round in the province of Al- Hasakah to oversee the receipt of the wheat season, the amount delivered to the two wheat receiving centers in the province of Al- Hasakah 28.3 thousand tons of wheat since the start of the harvest to date, indicating that farmers included their land to herders to compensate for their loss because the crop was not fully developed Due to rainfall, while in the same period last year, the quantity delivered was close to 80 thousand tons, explaining that most of the provinces where the areas are rain-dependent and depend on the rainy season has decreased production, especially in the eastern and northern regions, while irrigated areas Production in the rural areas of Eastern Aleppo after the maintenance and re-operation of irrigation channels that were destroyed by armed terrorist groups.
Qassim pointed out that the receipt in Al-Hasakah takes place in two centers of the establishment in Al- Qamishly. The receiving operations have been in operation for four years. The Foundation did not open any other centers in the governorate, pointing out that the Foundation pays the farmers’ transfer fees from any region in the governorate to the two important centers They were far away, so as to support the peasants and encourage them to hand over the season to the foundation.

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