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The Ministry of Education is studying extending the school year


The Ministry of Education’s Guidance Director Muthanna Khadour confirmed that the ministry is considering the possibility of extending the academic year of 170 days to 200 days, as in many other countries of the developed world, and that there is a program to distribute quotas throughout the academic year with supervision.
And the early interruptions witnessed by some schools Khaddour said that it is a relative subject can not be circulated, however, the Ministry is working on monitoring the subject and follow-up commitment to the school year for the last day and work to fight this matter, and here came the subject of the new calendar guide to ensure everything that is done by the learner where they are placed This will reduce these interruptions. School attendance will become a part of the assessment and will be implemented over the next year.
Khadour confirmed that the ministry trains 400 thousand teachers who supervise the training of 6000 mentors who follow their work permanently,
Training courses for mentors are also conducted, revealing that over the past year 45,000 teachers have been trained, and during this year training has begun for large numbers of teachers.
There is a program for the ministry during the next year, which is the training of classroom management and reciprocal visits between a teacher who has a successful classroom management and another that does not have it. An educational operator will also work to formulate the questions. In this context, the instructor may implement lessons for the teachers to improve their performance. Training and qualification to three stages: pre-service preparation stage, which is to attract university graduates through competitions, and a preparatory stage within the service in which the process of professional development, and then comes the role of supervisor or mentor, which is the process of monitoring the performance of the teacher and evaluation and help him to raise his level. Continuing: The teacher must not be satisfied with these courses, but must work to educate himself and increase his skills and develop the way to give him through his personal effort.
He attributed the deterioration of the educational reality in some areas to the crisis experienced by Syria during seven years, where the goal of the Ministry to continue the educational process. The other thing mentioned is the demographic shift that led to the density of students in one class and the occurrence of interruptions in some areas has always resulted in the loss of a large part of the information of some students, in addition to the exit of many schools from service because of terrorism. The Ministry of Education did not stand But also carried out emergency solutions to suit the situation through the issuance of self-teaching books for students who can not access the schools, as well as the courses of the supplement, where the student is not a prey, but is delayed result and subject to refresher courses in the summer, “class B”). Two years in a year In the hot areas, the students are received at the accommodation centers and subjected to courses and registration of the exam. The stable areas have high success rates and the level of education well, indicating that the graduate of the Syrian certificate is still so far at a high level, achieving impressive results even in the transitional grades Abroad.

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